C’ Class – My Food Collection Project

(based on an idea from the book:

“Lib and Libby: Art and Craft Kit”, Hillside Press)



  1. To learn and revise words related to food.
  2. To practice the function “What do you have for  breakfast/ lunch/ dinner?  (An introduction to Simple Present)
  3. To talk about healthy – unhealthy food.
  4. To talk about likes and dislikes, related to food.



   Children make different kinds of food, using plasticine.

   They also bring two shoe boxes in class, which they cover with pictures of fruits, sweets etc.

    Then they ask each other what they eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can also say what they like eating.

    In the end, they put their plasticine items into the two boxes separating the healthy from the unhealthy food.




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